We are able to supply you with accredited top quality steel products and services at a competitive price. And with the most modern profiling plant, we can accomplish whatever you dream, up from even the thinnest or thickest steel plates. But what makes the real difference becomes clear from just one tour of the plant: every detail of our business operations is aimed at achieving your deadlines and realising your objectives.

The strategic location, the internal routing, the sophisticated stock management, the fully automated order process, the advanced machines; all this and more is entirely focused on carefully serving your interests.

At SMPC Steel Centre, you will meet dedicated professionals, sincerely committed to your case and it is precisely this, which has enabled us to grow into your strongest ally in the Steel Industry.


  • Our Best Quality Services
  • We offer our clients a complete solution in materials such as
  • Industrial Usage
Original Equipment Manufacturers, Construction Companies, Fabricators, Maintenance Providers to Repair Operators, can be assured of getting highest quality service from us. Above all, we work side-by-side with our clients to uncover new ways to eliminate processing steps, speed delivery, and simplify assembly. Whether it’s through our advanced technology, just-in-time delivery, or value added services that result in products burned to size – pre-drilled, scored, or marked – for off-the-shelf assembly we work tirelessly to reduce your costs.